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To find out more about our Grading and Grading+ options, please visit Our Services page, which gives more detail about what we do and how using our services will help enhance your child’s education.

WriteShop I or II
Videos Only $100 Per Family

FREE Access to Parent Course ($50 Value)

No expiration date

Teach your whole family

Go at your own pace

WriteShop I or II
Video & Grading $495 Per Student

FREE Student Video Course ($100 Value)

FREE Access to Parent Course ($50 Value)

Our tutor edits your student’s papers and issues a grade for the final draft.

3-Year Flexible Schedule

WriteShop I or II
Video & Grading+ $595  Per Student
FREE Student Video Course ($100 Value)

Buy Video Course from WriteShop

FREE Parent Course Access ($50 Value)

Our tutor grades the Skill Builders, edits your student’s papers and issues a final grade.

3-Year Flexible Schedule

Pricing FAQ

Can I teach both/all of my kids if I purchase the videos?

When you purchase access to the online videos for WriteShop I or WriteShop II, you are investing in it for your whole family, not just one student. You may use it for as long as you choose, so you can move through the lessons as rapidly or as slowly as you want. Moreover, you can continue to take advantage of it if you have younger students in your home. The cost is $100 per family.

Can both/all of my students use the Grading/Grading+ account?

Because of the way papers are submitted and grades are issued through our software, each Grading or Grading+ student must have his or her own account, which is why we include the Video Companion Course complimentary for all of our Grading and Grading+ students. The only fee paid is for the grading and editing services of our tutor.

Is there a time limit to access the video courses?

There are no expiration dates for the video course. You may use them for your family as long as you need.

Is there a time limit to complete the Grading/Grading+ courses?

We do not keep you limited to just a semester as many other tutors demand. Instead, you may submit papers for up to three years. This extended time frame means that you can work at your own pace, either swiftly or slowly. Normal life often includes interruptions (caring for a family member who is ill, taking an extended vacation, participating in a demanding class such as SAT preparation). Consequently, you are welcome to move ahead intermittently if necessary.

What is the schedule I should follow using these videos?

Because the video course was created after WriteShop published the WriteShop Teacher’s Manual, the TM  does not mention the movies. To bridge that gap, we provide a Video Schedule that replaces the one your TM. When the TM tells you to do pre-writing activities and practice paragraphs, you can skip  that because the videos do those exercises FOR you.

Each lesson takes two weeks, and students work on their writing projects three or four days a week. In fact, if they complete their assignment carefully and don’t need an extra day to update the Final Draft further, then they have just two days of work during the second week. Each day that they have writing scheduled, kids watch a video (5 to 20 minutes) and complete that day’s project. You may visit our Video Course Schedule page, which details a daily routine along with the Course Calendar to get an example of how to incorporate WriteShop into your day.

Is there a schedule that Grading/Grading+ students must adhere to?

Our tutor will work with your schedule. As with the Video Only option, you may follow the schedule provided in the WriteShop Teacher’s Manual,
or you may follow a schedule that fits more in line with your academic goals. You may visit our WriteShop Course Schedule page, which details a daily routine along with the Course Calendar if you’d like to get an example of how to incorporate WriteShop into your schedule.

What’s included with the Grading service?

The Grading service is where your student submits their papers (brainstorm, Sloppy Copy, First Revision, and Final Draft) to our tutor for feedback, editing, and grading of the Final Draft. Parents will be teaching and grading the Skill Builder exercises using both the videos and the WriteShop Teacher’s Manual as resources to guide you through the lessons.

What’s included with the Grading+ service?

The Grading+ service includes everything in the Grading service, then it adds grading the Skill Builder exercises. Students will submit all work to the tutor for feedback, editing, and grading.

What type of feedback will the tutor give my child?

Our tutor provides generous compliments, corrections on grammar and punctuation, and suggestions for techniques to enhance the content of the First Revision. Students use that direction to improve the paragraphs and then submit it again as a Final Draft. After that, the tutor will give a few more comments and issue a grade.

How to I upgrade from the videos only to the Grading/Grading+ service?

If you feel overwhelmed with the task of editing the papers for your student, relax. Use the email found at the bottom of this page to send us a note. Our time- and sanity-saving grading service will help you out.

What are the video lessons like?

We have posted a few videos to preview on our Sample Lesson page.

Can I download the lessons to view offline or purchase a DVD copy of the lessons?

Unfortunately, the lessons must be viewed online and logged into your PlayWith Education account. DVDs of the course lessons are not available.

What are the technical requirements for the courses?

To view the videos, you must have a working computer or tablet device, speakers or headphones, and a high-speed internet connection. Additionally, Grading and Grading+ students must have a keyboard and mouse, as well as access to word processing software (such as MS Word or Open Office). All papers must be submitted in .docx or .doc format.

I have other questions that aren’t covered here.

No problem! Please contact Customer Assistance at (951) 468-5352 or via our Contact Page.

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