Serious Students
Editing and Grading

In addition to our comprehensive video companion course, we offer full editing and grading services.


Properly editing papers is time consuming and difficult. If you have other family obligations and feel like you need to free up some of your time, our tutors can help. If your teen is finding it difficult to accept your suggestions (this is so normal!), our tutors can help.

With over a decade of experience in using and teaching the WriteShop program, our tutors will impartially edit your child’s papers, give them constructive tips to improve their writing and understanding of grammar, and, of course, give them lots of compliments on their good work.

In the WriteShop program, kids complete worksheets that allow them to practice the core concept of the lesson before they use it in each paper. You will still be involved because you will use the answers in the Teacher’s Manual to grade your student’s Skill Builder Worksheets. Don’t worry, the videos will teach you the techniques!

In addition, you will supervise your students to verify that they have watched the videos and followed all the instructions before submitting the work to the tutor. You’re a vital part of this team!

Grading Plus

Perhaps writing is not your strong suit and, even after reviewing our Parent Course, you do not feel that you can adequately guide your child through WriteShop. Your scholar can still get a fantastic writing education with our Grading+ program. In this full-service package, the tutor will not only grade the papers as described in the “Grading” section, but also correct the Skill Builders for you. 

Our tutors will work step-by-step with you and your young adult. You will help by supervising your teens to ensure that they have watched the video and attempted to meet the goals presented.

The tutor will help your student understand the fundamentals of the writing process along with WriteShop’s varying sentence structures and grade each of the Skill Builder exercises.

Technical Requirements
  • Computer or tablet device
  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • A keyboard and mouse
  • Headphones or Speakers
  • An active email address
  • A word processing program (such as MS Word or Open Office)

Do you need a tutor?

Are you nervous about correcting your student’s writing?

You may not need a tutor. Watch our five-lesson parent course first. It may be just what you need to boost your confidence!

Was college a long time ago, or have you never written a college-level paper before?

You may not need a tutor. Watch our five-lesson parent course first. You may find that our course equips you exactly what you need to properly edit and grade your child’s work.

Do you think you may be too picky or not have anything constructive to say?

You may not need a tutor. Watch our five-lesson parent course first. We give you tips on how to objectively and impartially edit your child’s paper, as well as find constructive ways to relay critical information.

Does your child ignore or argue with your critique?

This is totally normal! Watch our five-lesson parent course first. In it you will find helpful information to remove the anger and frustration from the editing process. However, this is often the reason for handing over the grading to an outsider. If so, then contact us about enrolling in the Grading or Grading+ program!

Are you already overwhelmed with teaching several different subjects to multiple students?

You may find that tutoring will help you free up much needed quality time to spend with your family.

Is English not your first language?

Depending on your fluency, you may need a tutor to help your child learn the intricacies of writing papers in English. We can definitely help!

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